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R500 with ZD1200 10.4.1. Low UL/DL. Intermittent issue(

ZD1205 on build 226 R500 APs mixed WPA2/WPA3 wireless lan My test devices: - iPhone 11 Pro 14.2 - iPhone 12 Pro Max 14.3 Beta 2 - MBP 16" with both 10.15.7 an 11.1 Beta - MacBook 12" running Mojave - Old Huawei Android 6.0 phone capable of ...

Blocking iMessage with application denial policies

I am attempting to prevent users of our WiFi from sending and receiving messages via Apple's iMessage service on their WiFi only mobile devices. I have enabled application awareness on our Zonedirector and created a policy to block iMessage. THis pol...

Clients not roaming correctly and disconnect

I have a zd1200 with R610 access points.  We're running build 183.   We seem to have an issue in one spot of our warehouse where the as the clients move around will experience degraded wireless signal and eventually disconnect.   There are p...