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Need help seting up a stable network :-(

New Contributor

Hello Community, 

i decided to reuse some hardware that has been provided by a friend.

2 * AP zf7982 (indoor will be 4 at the end when all is installed)
- 1 * AP zf7782 (outdoor for happy gardening 🙂 )

as i recognized that i have issues by seting up the network // i thought it would be a good idea to invest in a zoneDirector 
So i invested in a Zonedirector 1000 (and recognized afterwards that this was not the right model)
so i bought an additional ZoneDirector 1200. 

Now i was sure that all will come to a goodent and i have the perfect networking infrastructure.

What should i say... 
i have issues to get a stable network.
When i reset the zonedirector and start by scratch, 

i only activate a "standard usage" Network) 
With WPA2 and AES, autentication is open, no Mac filtering.. 

i het connection losses on moving in my house. 
i can see the switch to another AP but it seems that the DHCP adress is not provided. 
my clients have then diferent IP-Ranges
At the moment i do not tryy to do magic or any fancy security setup.
I am not living in a castle, so a belive it has to be possible to get thisrunning.

to be honest: 
I have no clue what to do to get it up and running...
i was searching help in a german froum (because i am german) but i do not come to the end.

So can anybody give e a tip how to do an easy, stable setup? 
I know i can not use the newest softwareVersion on the ZoneDirector, because when i do i will not be able using my "old" AP´s 
so i am running at 

  • Version: build 146





Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Peli,

I think issue you are facing is not on AP or controller end but on the switch configuration, where APs are connected.

Please follow below points and see if there is any configuration issues on switch.

  1. How many switch you are using in this setup?
  2. If just one, make sure each port where APs are connected, are configured with same access/untagged VLAN (assuming you are using only one network for AP and clients and everything is passing from native VLAN).
  3. If you are using multiple switches and have multiple VLAN setup, make sure default/Native VLAN is same on each port, where APs are connected.

For testing purpose, try to make a list of APs and start with connecting to 1st AP, note down the IP address, then move to next AP and same way note down what IP you are getting. If each time you get a different IP from different APs, this means VLAN configured on switch is not the same for all the switch ports.

Syamantak Omer
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