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Connecting Branch APs to Main Office

New Contributor

I need some help, I have ZoneDirector at my main office which manages APs at main office. I plan to add Aps in my branch office and manage them with this ZoneDirector. Branches and main office are connected using MPLS links so we ideally on same notwork, however branch offices have different DHCP servers and IPs. How do I continue to use the same SSID across the entire network but maintain the DCHP servers at branch offices.


Contributor II

Unless an SSID is being tunneled, your AP will just dump traffic out onto the local subnet. So your clients will pickup their IP and gateway info from whatever DHCP server is at the branch.

ZD discovery is L2, so you could setup your DHCP servers to tell the APs how to find the ZD from a different subnet, but since I have a small number of APs I find it easiest to setup the APs at head-office, on the same subnet as the ZoneDirector. Then, when I'm happy with the config, I SSH into the AP, "set director ip", then ship it off.

Thanks, I will test this out.