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guest access with IIS html page on remote server

Hello,here is my issue .....i have a client that wants a guest access network and see a welcome page that he made by HTML that sits on IIS server (on a remote site some where on the internet)what is the config that i need to set on the controller + w...

Rate limiting per WLAN

I'm familiar with the ability to rate limit per client in ZoneDirector, but I'd like to see if I can limit the overall rate for each of our three WLANs. Can anyone suggest a best approach to do this?

After an unsupported upgrade path from [] to [], I would like to downgrade to respect the official upgrade path.

I accidentally upgraded my ZoneDirector 3000 from [] to [], which is not the correct upgrade path.I would like to downgrade the firmware back to the [] in order to respect the official upgrade path which is, in my case, ...