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ZD1200 Map view not showing AP's anymore..

New Contributor II
So I am using a ZD1200 with firmware build 148

I placed 3 AP's on a map I uploaded (the map is 143kb and not bigger then 720px) and I did this on a Windows 2008 R2 server with IE9. All was good until the next time I reopened the browser, I can see the map but the AP's are not showing up. It does say it has 3 AP's loaded on the map, but you cannot see them.
So I thought I would just delete the map because there is nothing in it, but I get an error saying it is not possible, there are AP's in the map.. grrr..

ok, then I tried it on a mac with chrome (that's a nogo anyway), then latest firefox and then safari, all with the same problem.

I am using using V8 update 66 on the mac, but also on the other systems. I don't understand why it is not coming up. So I opened a case with Ruckus but support is not able to help me at this point, they cannot figure it out why it is not showing.

Is there any other way to get the AP's out of the map or reset anything (other then a full factory reset of the ZD) so I can load them up again? Already checked the Sample map and my own map, zoom in/out, they are not showing..

Any idea's?

Valued Contributor

What model AP are you using ?


New Contributor II

New Contributor II
I have the same problem. The strange thing is that I seem to be able to search for my missing APs. It looks as if I get a match, but nothing is visible.
Running build 216 on ZD3025 and using r500 APs only.

New Contributor II

Support contacted me and after they viewed my config they found the problem. It seems that my AP's had a negative value within the map, so you could find  them but not see them. If you make a supportcase they can fix it.