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Unable to invoke the secure hotspot XML Api

HI,I'm trying to test the sample secure hotspot with ZD1200. User authentication from ZD fails dues to the following SSl error. Here in tries to call https://:443/admin/_port.... Northbound portal interface is also enabled and the passwo...

Batch-Generation of Dynamic PSKs not possible.

Hi everyone,we have configured a new SSID especially for Smartphones. Users who want to connect to this WLAN need to connect to our guest-SSID and go through the ZeroIT-Provisionning-Proccess. Now we want that only AD-Users, which are in the appropri...

NPS, Roles and VLAN Configuration

I am currently implementing a method for our users to connect to a specific SSID using a Hotspot Provisioning SSID which downloads the Zero IT configuration installer and connects them to the appropriate network based on their AD group membership.As ...