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Cannot renew Support Entitlement for future ZD upgrade

New Contributor II
I have ZD3050 with additional 50 AP with following licenses:
901-3050-EU00 - ZoneDirector 3000, licensed for up to 50
909-0050-ZD00 - ZoneDirector 3000 License Upgrade support
802-3050-1000 - Partner WatchDog Premium Support for ZoneDirector
802-3050-1L00 - Partner WatchDog Premium Support for ZoneDirector
+ licenses for SPoT purpose.

I've got warning about expiring my Support Service:
"The Support Service on this ZoneDirector will expire in [10] days. An active Support service entitles you to future firmware upgrades. Please contact Ruckus Support for further assistance. [What's this?]"

To renew support service i download SPT file following that instruction:

Unfotunately when I want to upload file in Administer/Support on my ZD I've got message:
"ZoneDirector already has the latest Support Entitlement file" and warning about expiration still shows up
Can you help me guys with this issue?

Contributor II
You need to activate your support agreement.  You should have received an e-mail with a link to click.  If you get stuck contact Ruckus support (see and have your ZD serial number ready.

New Contributor II
Could You send me short instruction how to activate that support agreement? These products are registered on onther company and I am "forwarder" to help them with this issue.

Contributor II
Contact support ..

New Contributor II
Ok, thanks for help