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As discovers an access point to the controller on different networks and different branches

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Good afternoon, I have my controller and several access points connected in a network within the same network without VLAN.

Now what I need is to connect two access points are in another branch and connecting to the controller.

The problem is that they are in diferetes networks, branches are connected via MPLS.

I suggest doing? you can connect a controller to an access point on a different network that are geographically separated and connected via MPLS? thanks.

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Its a pretty common scenario. As long both those two different networks are talking to each other, there is no problem.

You just have to run following CLI command using putty on the AP which will be residing in THAT different network. IP address below in the command is controller's IP address. We are literally asking the AP to contact the controller on THAT ip. this is being done as AP may have to jump L3 boundaries and this activity helps.

set director ip

Example : set director ip

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Hi Carlos,

Exactly as Monnat has said.

for ZoneDirector

set director iP

or with SZ-100/vSZ/SCG AP firmware

set scg ip


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Also make sure that the Firewall has the appropriate ports open:

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