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broadcom cards connection problem

hello.My clients (mainly DELL XPS) with Win10 and  Broadcom wifi cards (DellWifi 1560, 1820A) reported random  2-3 times a day rejoins to AP. They was connected to R700 AP with ZD1100 . So we do upgrade to latest ZD1100 . But...

Terms of Use page is very broken

I'm creating a guest access WLAN where the "Terms of Use" have to be accepted.  The formatting of the TOU page that users see is very broken.  Title is set to "null" (the word!), the TOU verbiage spills out over the right margin, and the intro text ...

ZD 1000 having issue

I have ZD 1000 model, i upgrade the firmware version 9.0.3 series suddenly the ZD version not upgrade & the status light in red blinking intermediately every 20 seconds after that i reset the ZD but it can't take that.

Creating several network interfaces on ZD1200

Hi everyone,I would like to know how to tag a VLAN (802.1q) on the port of my ZD1200. To take an example : i have two SSIDs (one in access 30 and an other one in access 50). Is it possible to tag my ZD1200 port with 802.1q in vlan ID 30 & vlan ID 50....