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What is the Maxmimum Guestpass to be generate in ZD1100?

New Contributor III
ZD1100, allows you to generate guest password by batches of 100.

But Is there a maximum guestpass that can only be generate in ZD100?

Is it possible, once you use a generated guestpasscode, you can use it to another device but not simultaneosuly? For example, you log out the 1st device so you can log in to another device.

How to implement this kind of deployment?

Thank you.

Contributor II
ZoneDirector 1100 can support up to 1000 (1024) combined total DPSK users and guest passes in the internal database.

No, you can't logout and login with a different device. But you can generate "sharable" guest passes.

New Contributor III
How many devices/guests can use in a shareable guestpass?

The current firmware is Version9.7.1.0 build 32.