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Creating 2 networks, one on 5Ghz one on 2.4 only

I have an existing Ruckus network that we moved to a new location, they are getting 750 Meg internet so I want to keep them on the 5Ghz network to take advantage of the faster speed.  Problem is a few devices only operate on the 2.4.   It seems the z...

ZoneDirector v10 - service schedules off by an hour

Since the upgrade to v10, I have noticed that all of my service schedules are activating and deactivating one hour behind their scheduled times.  Controller itself is syncing against NTP and displays the appropriate time.  I have raised an issue with...


Old ZD needs an update.Firefox shows me this: Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s). Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAPI used to be able to bypass that using Firefox, so I could install the latest software. Thi...

ZD 10.X?

It seems like ZD 10.X is a fairly major release. Are there any more detailed notes on it than release notes? I would like to see screenshots of new interface. I am excited to see Spectrum Analysis finally works on 802.11ac AP. Any other big updates i...