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Zone director map AP name is the MAC address - what humans remember MAC addresses?

Contributor II
When the operator on a Zone Director hovers the mouse over an AP on the Map on the dashboard, it nicely displays a pop-up/tooltip with some info about the AP.. that is nice, until you try to decipher what AP it's all about, as the 'Name' is listed as the MAC address:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3df135b77e2478bfc28_4161d5c6021a76f9a4e3c7c4012489ca_RackMultipart2017120686641c9s6-e82fe4d7-2fd7-4108-9693-8c206c1702cb-521395494.png1512568054

I have yet to meet any, even technical, people that have hundreds of MAC addresses learned by heart in stead of the human-readable names they have all been given during configuration.

It would be so nice if it actually showed the AP name here..

Contributor III
I also don't know all my MAC-Addresses... i am so stupid... 😉
Should be changed for People like me.