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Interpreting Spectrum Analysis

Hi, I just want to make sure I am correctly understanding the readout of the spectrum analysis feature on ZD. What does a 'bad'/''good' reading look like?Here's an example from one of our APsThank you!

bonjour gateway - {printers} rolling brownout?

We successfully have bonjour gateway setup in our zone director, but we're seeing a strange, frequently recurring issue.  It's easiest to see from a macbook, with the Add Printer dialogue box open.  The printers may show up fine, but then periodicall...

Creating 2 networks, one on 5Ghz one on 2.4 only

I have an existing Ruckus network that we moved to a new location, they are getting 750 Meg internet so I want to keep them on the 5Ghz network to take advantage of the faster speed.  Problem is a few devices only operate on the 2.4.   It seems the z...