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Disable 80MHz Channelization - Zonedirector

New Contributor II
Our wireless environment is very dense in a large office building with floors below and above us. I am currently using the "auto" channelization setting for the 5GHz radio, but I have observed our R710 AP's using 80MHz channels for most clients.  I would like to limit the 5GHz radio to 40MHz channels, with the ability to step down to 20MHz channels for clients that don't support 40MHz.  This works with the "Auto" setting, but if I set the channelization to 40MHz manually, will it still step down to 20MHz for clients that need it?

Contributor II
From what I can see, it's not possible to set anywhere else, but on the AP Zones or the AP's themself. Weather the channelisation is a Max, or a 'only'.. well, maybe some Ruckus rep can say?  

Esteemed Contributor II
The answer is Yes, if left at 80mhz default, you will step down for 40mhz or 20hmz clients.
If set originally to 40mhz, you will also support 20mhz channelization only clients.