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Disable 80MHz Channelization - Zonedirector

Our wireless environment is very dense in a large office building with floors below and above us. I am currently using the "auto" channelization setting for the 5GHz radio, but I have observed our R710 AP's using 80MHz channels for most clients.  I w...

Restrict Approver for Guestpass to Specific Radius Group

Using Zone Director with Cisco ISE for my Radius server.  Have successfully made email guestpass authentication work, but what I need to now do is not allow 'all users' to be able to approve and authenticate guests using the guest pass, but restrict ...

Problems with APs disconneting

Hi,We currently have 10 APs running at hour office and have worked flawless for the past year but as for the last couple of weeks all of our APs disconnects at least two times every day. The only solution for get the APs running is to hard reboot bot...

Certificate errors while login using Portal.

Hi, I am using VSZ , and I get Certificate errors while login using Portal. then procured new cert from godaddy and imported in to VSZ and still i get the same error. please help to resolve this issue thanks