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ZD1200 guest settings

New Contributor
Hi everyone,
We will deploy many R510 managed with 2 ZD1200, is it possible to modify the default information located in the Guest portal (see picture joined), need to clear mistype in the french translation, and change default phone?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3de135b77e2478bdb40_a93217c5593d9f11582cea4c2e7b1e25_RackMultipart2018060565753gdsk-45069d63-c671-4f5a-8884-b3b1d58fa232-248102578.png1528210427

Other question, the technician who setting up the 2 ZD1200 and the R510, told me the filter by Mac Address cannot be more than 128 devices, could it not be really more than it?

New Contributor II
This screen should not be seen by your customers, this screen should be used by a receptionist. I do not know if there is a patch to fix it but it should not be a major problem.
And yes, 128 is the max limit to MAC filter and there is no way to change this number.

New Contributor
Thanks for your reply.

It will be a receptionist who will manage it, but my manager will like to be able to manage the settings for these screen.

New Contributor II
Is there anyone help check the correct french translation should be? I may ask engineer to update in 10.2 release. Or Is it correct in the below new UI style on 10.0 above version.
And the phone number is for Guest info which should not have the default one. We only show one phone format here as an example.
Image_ images_messages_5f91c43e135b77e2479df324_765646994472846f1995936bd6138dac_RackMultipart20180606113230c60-1ce16c57-02ec-4cb9-b7c1-1f223abd00ed-1184489608.jpg1528262629