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iPhone user who can't get past the guest_access login screen

New Contributor II
We recently rolled out Zone Director and started issuing guest pass keys to employees and visitors. One employee with an iPhone SE reported his key didn't work so I issued him a new one. That didn't work either, so I had him demo the problem. When the login page pops up, he enters the key and then... northing; just a little spinner at the top of the screen. Problem persists after phone is restarted. I also have an SE and have no problems. Has anyone seen this before and know how to resolve it?

New Contributor II
See if the firmware version is the same on both iPhone

Both firmware and iOS version are identical between the working and non-working phones.

Since your phone is working, I don't think it is a problem with the ZD or your WLAN configuration.Try to connect the phone on another WLAN, create a new WLAN with WPA2 to test.Take a look if he has static IP configured on his device.Does the ZD show logs about this client?

After also trying some Apple Communities advice for iPhones that can't connect to open WiFi networks with a login page we identified that the problem phone had "Block All Cookies" enabled for Safari. Once we disabled this setting the Ruckus login page worked normally.