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Smartzone 300 is not rejoining the cluster (v5.1) - Error on Join Request - Not all blades are In_Service

I have two SmartZone 300 (v5.1) working perfectly until recently. But some days ago one of them simply lost its configuration and left the cluster. Yesterday I try to rejoin it, but as you can see in the images, it is not joining the cluster and I do...

Image_ images_messages_60f06efd66c7636aabe49a3a_c834f32a1e226114e97c86341ae1cd9d_Image1-4de659a1-c105-4863-b259-b6675e734005-506130065.png Image_ images_messages_60f06efd66c7636aabe49a3a_f95f96bf78d931bc67552aa103fd660c_Image3-f8b8e310-25ea-4546-95f5-779bede01024-507977107.png Image_ images_messages_60f06efd66c7636aabe49a3a_4d9b7842283791d1c7c17fdbf74da7fc_Image4-10d66334-2f9b-4f03-9035-bb260ba52711-508900628.png Image_ images_messages_60f06efd66c7636aabe49a3a_beb9a316fb0494b0dd9ed521418cbf88_Image5-99cd6581-1744-480a-8afe-c219a30dd46b-509824149.png

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