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New Ruckus Unleashed system

New Contributor


We've already got one Ruckus Unleashed system that consists of five R320 Unleashed Access Points in Building1. Let's call this system Ruckus1 and it gives WiFi coverage in Building1.

We now have a new building, Building2, that is on the same physical L2 network but currently has no WiFi coverage so I would like to create a new Ruckus system consisting of several access points throughout the new building. Let's call this system Ruckus2 and it will give WiFi coverage in Building2.

I'm following the guide here:

One of the first notes states:

Note: Do NOT connect multiple APs to power and the network all at once. In the initial setup stage, you should choose one AP as the Master AP and connect it to the network and power, and then complete the initial setup steps on this Master AP before connecting any other APs. Once setup is complete, you can continue connecting other APs to power and the network.

What will happen if I connect a brand new Ruckus Unleashed R320 to the network in Building2? Will it allow me to create the new Ruckus2 system or will it see the Ruckus1 system on the network and force me into joining that?

Is it possible to create two (or more) different Ruckus systems on the same network?

Thanks for any advice...