RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Resolved! How to upgrade R500

Hi, I have a R510 on unleashed, today I have been given an R500 that has been converted to unleashed also, problem is I can’t find a way to mesh them. regards, K

ian_inson by New Contributor
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Resolved! R500 unleashed help! Please!

After setting up R500 as master with guest login portal and everything works fine, but it doesn't let me login to admin page. every time i type in http://unleashed.ruckuswireless.com/ it automatically goes to http://unleashed.ruckuswireless.com/selfg...

multicasting over the static routing

hi ,  we are having two different network , connected through the static route but its not taking multicasting from one network to other network . please can anyone let me know how to configure the multicasting over the static route.

R600 Unleashed Wifi Battery Drain

Hello, I've set up my first home network with nothing special regarding network rules, VLAN's, etc. The network seems to working great except the Wi-Fi seems to draining both my and my wife Pixel 3's. I've done a hard reset on my pixel and we've test...

Image_ images_messages_5fa9936f0b24d53da03c5268_9835c7417e692cb5d20ca3bbcafc71ad_20201109_134755-6d674b8f-16aa-4969-8693-7787e6349e8f-1374662554.png Image_ images_messages_5fa9936f0b24d53da03c5268_bcbb0a61ed4bf0a19e80ea2ec2380303_20201109_134737-3b99d581-ba7a-44d8-b54b-1006a7ad5f43-1319251294.png Image_ images_messages_5fa9936f0b24d53da03c5268_ae2c51af29382bac4fac65a4c4d6a5d9_20201109_134730-032e5cc3-3620-4143-a060-44ee0c89e94d-1312786647.png Image_ images_messages_5fa9936f0b24d53da03c5268_286ed757d902f52e611d2647e1c78fa6_20201109_134720-622a2517-3c2b-4de1-a1d7-0ee19f5fcbcc-1284157496.png
bit_mite by New Contributor
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Can you disable SSL/ TLS termination on an R600?

I have a webserver behind a Ruckus unleashed R600 in gateway mode. The Ruckus R600 tries to terminate the TLS connection. I would like it to pass the TLS request through without intercepting it. I've enabled port forwarding on ports 80 and 443. Is ...


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