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Wrong Device Firmware

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Good day, I have a problem where the Ruckus Unleashed sees a device as an android device and it will fall under the policy to block it. This is not the first time this happens, prior to the current firmware update it used to do this but it would say its an apple device. I thought the issue was fixed but today out of nowhere it shows a Windows 11 laptop as an Android device. SOS... I don't know why Ruckus would confuse firmware like that, its really disrupting the workplace now. I'm using 2 R510 Access Points


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @smuglar 

Can you confirm the Unleashed version running?

New Contributor III

Here is the version of the current R510 version on my device

Thank you

New Contributor III

Hi, I upgraded firmware to and it still gives the same problem... Its bad I tell you... We cant work... Is there are support email I can talk directly to Dell people