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Continue wired network from mesh node

Is it possible to continue a wired network from a R500 mesh node?I am running a unleased r500 mesh network with the main node connected to a router with internet. I would like to add a switch to a mesh node on the other side of our building to add so...

Solid red light on 9U1-R600-US00

Hello,I purchased a used R600 Unleashed unit and once plugged in to a power source (either PoE switch or injector), the power light stays a solid red indicating that it's in the boot up process. I've tried holding down the reset button for 5-60 secon...

I have 3 x R500 Unleashed, DHCP problem

Hi All,I have three R500(, one for Master AP, And I want to set root AP to do redundant.I have set DHCP from Management web GUI (,Master Port1 set to WAN port and IP is,AP2 and AP3 Port1 set ip is 192.168....

Best perfomance in our new house

Hey everyone.Our house is almost ready in a few month. And then I would like to know your opinion on where I should put my two R710 AP in the house so it would cover the house and not conflict eachother.The house is 155 square meters - 1668.4 square ...