RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Ruckus Unleased R510 2nd AP PWR - Blinking Green

Hello,I am trying to add my 2nd AP (r510 unleashed) to my network.  I already have a single r510 unleashed in gateway mode.   When connecting 2nd one to my POE switch, the PWR light continues to just blink green and I never see it in the Unleashed ad...

Ruckus Unleashed and ZD with CNA FACEBOOK CP

I have setup and unleashed r310 and a ZD 1200 and a Facebook WLAN. I cannot get the unleashed to force the captive portal for Apple devices with or without the CNA feature. I can get this to work on the ZD Facebook WLAN.Any thoughts on why the unleas...

Bypass Captive Portal in proxy

Captive portal cannot open with manual proxy setting in browser I used port 8080 for proxy. But when I do  not use proxy the captive portal open. any one can help me?

Whitelist device list on AP

Is it possible to set up a some kind of whitelist for devices that try to connect to access point? I mean, I have a R510 Indoor Access Point in the office and want guests to be able to connect to it when visiting after reading terms and stuff. Howeve...

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