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vSZ-H Firmware Zone

New Contributor III
Hi. I have a vSZ-H,  I need to register some "old" APs (7762, 7363) on this controller. As I know I can do that if I create a new Zone and set an older firmware version. That's right? If yes, how can I upload an older firmware version? (but I don't want to remove the las version, because I need to to define another Zone.

Esteemed Contributor II

If you have upgraded to SZ 3.2 from a version that supported your previous models, yes, you can create a Domain running that (or your other previous) image(s).

But..., if you were not using a previous release that supported those model of APs, the choice for earlier versions is not available when creating a new Domain.


Do you know if the option to load older AP firmware on to the SZ option is available as I think it is on the SCG - I may be mistaken, but I can remember that I had a conversation about it some time ago.

No, its only if you had upgraded thru a previous version, that you could have a Domain on that previous release.

I checked with Ruckus and you can do this, but you need to talk with support to access the engineering CLI.