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vSZ-H tenant management login?

New Contributor III
For each AP-Zone, is there a capability built into vSZ-H where the tenant can manage their respective ap zone?

I looked around in the interface and the manual and came up empty

New Contributor II
Hi Don, Yes there is. Configuration, Administrators. Create an Administrator and assign the Administrator their own Domain. There are lots of tick boxes for the rights you give that Admin. Remember their IP address will need to be added to the ACL also. Its not perfect as this Admin you create can still see some stuff you may not want them to see as vSZ is not quite 100% multitenant yet - really you are better off keeping them out if you can for the moment. I use it to provide a managed service to multiple customers - that works well. Oh, nearly forgot - MVNO can work too. 

New Contributor III
Ah I see, I eventually stumbled onto MVNO

At first I couldn't figure out how to login with an MVNO account, but it looks like as long as you enter User@MVNOdomainname it works out pretty decently

thanks for the reply

New Contributor III
Looks like MVNO can't modify wlans?

I see what you meant about the administrator roles, wow.. you'd figure a management subdomain administrator would only be able to see the ap zones under his control...