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Meshed ZD1100 | Migration - vSCG Controller Version

New Contributor III
Suggestions Welcome. It’s about a meshed network, and the migration to vSCG Controller Version  So far I've upgraded the software on the ZD1100 to the latest one I could find. . On putty to the  AP’s ( ZF7982 ) The commands are not recognised. I started at the last one in the hop, thinking I could migrate from that point.  The only command that sort of works is the ( set director ip } But nothing happens. The site has been tested with other stand alone ZF7982 AP's, to the controller. I really do not want to pull everything down i.e rebuild.

Esteemed Contributor II
From KBA-3377: How to update ZD mode AP firmware to support vSCG using LWAPP2SCG

Use the following steps to have the vSCG automatically upgrade your ZD-mode AP to a vSCG-mode AP.

Step 1: Preparing the vSCG to accept and convert ZD mode AP.
1. SSH into your vSCG


2. Get into the configuration context and enter the LWAPP2SCG config mode.


Sid-3rd-vSCG# config
Sid-3rd-vSCG(config)# lwapp2scg

3. Set the Policy to allow the vSCG to upgrade all AP, or only upgrade specific AP by mac.

Sid-3rd-vSCG(config-lwapp2scg)# policy accept-all
4. Exit the config context and save the change.

Sid-3rd-vSCG(config-lwapp2scg)# end
Do you want to update this context configuration (or input 'no' to cancel)? [yes/no] yes

Step 2: Directing your ZD-mode AP to connect to the vSCG's Control IP.
1. SSH into the AP

2. Issue the same "set director ip", but point it to the vSCG's Control IP.

    rkscli: set director ip

3. reboot the AP and it will connect to the vSCG and upgrade it's firmware.

    rkscli: reboot

Step 3: Direct your SCG-mode AP to your vSCG's Control IP.

1. Once the AP has finished upgrading and rebooting from (Step 2) SSH into the AP

2. Issue a "set scg ip" command to point it to the vSCG's Control IP. This
is because when the AP was converted from ZD-mode AP to vSCG-mode AP,
it took on the vSCG mode AP's Factory Default setting, meaning it doesn't know
the vSCG IP.

rkscli: set scg ip

NOTE 1: If the vSCG was deployed with only 1 Interface (recommended) then the Control, Management and Cluster IP are all the same.

NOTE 2: It is very important [required] to factory default the AP after every conversion process, form ZD to SCG or converting a SCG AP to ZD mode AP.

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Thanks Michael.. But the command config : is not found.. Any ideas ? I've tried | configure | conf | 

you need to be in enable mode first

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Michael, I have the same scenario. Pls see that Gerard (and me) have a meshed network, then after the mesh AP firmware upgrade, the AP will lost the config and connection with the mesh and then the controller.
How can we migrate a ZD Mesh AP to the vSCG?