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Vsz wireless configuration and authentication

New Contributor II

Hi, Can you help me? I have Vsz v 5.2, two zones (3.6 and 5.2)

I have this problem:

Scenery 1

  • I configure a hotspot (wispr)
  • I configure a ssid with authentication AD.
  • I connect my computer successfully 
  • I reconfigure the name of ssid or any parameter.
  • I can connect my computer, I have to reload vsz to connect my computer 

Scenery 2

  • i configure a ssid with authentication wpa2
  • i create a password 
  • I can’t connect my computer 
  • I reload vsz
  • After reload I can connect my computer
  • i reconfigure ssid name, vlan, password, etc. and with this change I can’t connect my computer. I have to reload vsz to connect my computer 

Hello @stefany_pineda ,

A very good day to you!

Regarding your query on HotSpot and WPA2 SSID, I would first suggest:

a. Deauthorize the client from vSZ (if already connected in past)
b. Forget the SSID from the client device if trying to test within the session/grace period of the previous authentication.


2. For the HotSpot, profile, you can edit the profile and reduce the grace period to 1 min and then try to test. You have to wait for 1 min before you attempt to re-connect to HotSpot SSID to get redirected.

3. For WPA2 SSID, the controller remembers the previous authentication for a certain amount of period and hence the issue. Once you make the changes on the SSID, we always suggest forgetting the SSID on the client device before you connect to the SSID again.

Sarita Shekhar | CCNA | CWNA
Staff Technical Support Engineer,

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Hello @das2014 ,

You can find the configuration under the Guest Profile. Screenshot attached for reference:



Let me know if this helps!



Thank you!