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Unable to Login SZ100 (Console & SSH)

New Contributor

Dear Support Team.

By using the below path, I created a new super user.

Administration-> Admin & Roles->Administrators->+ Create.

I created a user administrator and click the Tab (Groups) to assign the role to administrator user.

Administration-> Admin & Roles->Groups->Super->Configure.

I give the Super role to the user administrator.

The issue that I am facing is:

1) I am able to login the controller via GUI, but to login the sz100 via console, it takes username, but it is not accepting the password. The same username & password is used to access via GUI.

2) via SSH it takes username but as I put the password it shows Access Denied.

Kindly help me out in this case.




RUCKUS Team Member

Hello, only username "admin" will grant access into the CLI of a SmartZone controller.

New Contributor

Unfortunately, I forget the password for Privilege mode and I am unable to enter in the privilege mode to get the configuration details.

Is there any process by which I can recover the privilege mode password.

In this case you have to open a support case.

Ruckus Support team can recover your enable password based on your SZ serial number.