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New Contributor II

I am new to ruckus. I have SZ 144 controller with R850 APs and third parties, Huawei and Cisco, cascaded switches connecting them. 

I need to configure LBO (local internet breakout) for my all SSIDs (WLANs) and APs. How can I do that? 

Any help please. Thank you 


RUCKUS Team Member


Yes, the default AP zone has the default AP group under it. The default WLAN group is mapped to all APs under the default AP group. All WLANs created will by automatically  be added to the default WLAN group.

Please check the below video from us for a short demo on this

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RUCKUS Team Member


Please make sure the SZ144 controller is running firmware version before adding R850 APs to it.

To create LBO WLANs login to the SZ144 > Navigate to Network > Wireless > Wireless LAN > Choose the Zone > Click + to create the WLAN > configure SSID name, type of authentication, encryption and so on > Scroll down and expand "advanced options" where you are specify the VLAN ID for this WLAN.

WLANs created this way are LBO by default.

New Contributor II

Thank you James; yes my controller's firmware is 

But let me ask you 2 more very related questions.

1. In this scenario AP connected switch port is either trunk or access? What about the default mode of AP LAN port? Don't forget that I also have management VLAN. 

2. In scenario, How can I assign multiple SSID on single AP?

Thank you again.

Valued Contributor

Hi AhmeeR,

As James mentioned in the advanced options you can set the VLAN ID for the SSID, in that case you can have multiple SSID on one AP with different VLAN (or the same depending how you set it).

And as you run multiple vlan you need to set the switch port to trunk.


Martin M

I should make the connected port trunk. That  is Okay.

But VLAN ID assigned for SSID in the advanced options should be the same as that allowed on the AP switch connected ports? Because Someone told me that AP can manage many VLANs internally being connected to switch port mode access. Can ruckus APs do that?