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WLAN Diff across many zones/clusters

New Contributor

I want to report on any config diff between wlans of the same name across all zones and all clusters. 

I wrote an ansible playbook that iterates all clusters, lists all zones, then iterates over those to list all wlans, then gets details about each wlan/zone/cluster combination. It then looks for any differences in psk, encryption type, name, vlan and reports on it. This report takes over a day to run for just one cluster and I have a dozen. 

Part of the problem is the firehose I get when getting details about the wlan. Is there a way to ask for just specific fields? 

Am I taking the wrong approach? Perhaps theres a way to export the entire config of the controller and parse it out? 


Contributor II

Have you considered using the API?

The Query WLANs API call is very zippy & returns most of what you want (except passphrases, which you'd need to visit each WLAN to pickup). Picking this up with e.g. python is a piece of cake & python gives you the programming tools to do your comparisons & produce a report.