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iOS Unleashed - not seeing network?

New Contributor

I went to go launch my Unleashed app after some time and keep getting the error "not connected to Unleashed network, go to Settings?" - this wasn't an issue before and not sure what tripped it.  Oddly, the settings have no local network configuration and when looking through for all apps that have asked for network access I don't see Unleashed on the list.  On another thread someone with an Android had to shut of Private DNS I think - I found the equivalent setting in iOS "Private Wi-Fi Address" but toggling it off did not solve this.  

The error pops up immediately after entering credentials almost as if it's "stuck" and not even checking anything.

Anyone have this issue/know of a solution!?


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi All,

There were some issue in the older version of Unleashed app, please update to the latest app version and it should work just fine, if not, please provide the details and we will help you.

Syamantak Omer
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Hey all - thanks for being active on this thread.  I had my app changed as per the above to point at the IP address so that does seem to work (while at home only?).  If I am not mistaken though, the way the app is designed pointing to the public url it should/intended to be able to work away from the network as well?

Can you share how to do that pleases? I have an IPhone and can’t seem to figure that out. Thanks 

On the app, bottom right, says "Change login information".  Change the address to the IP address of the router/AP.

I will look, thank you. Do you know how I can find the IP address of the access point? It’s installed in the ceiling so can’t just look on the back of it easily. 

If you are aware of the router\modem login, then you can login to it and check the DHCP IP lease section. You can find the IP which AP has taken.
If not.
You can also connect to the SSID which AP is broadcasting, then on the browser type which will take you the AP login.