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access point to allow pass through multi cast & broad cast

New Contributor

I need customer service to contact me ASAP! 



Hi @bbsbo5 

You can describe what configuration requirements you need, by default multicast and broadcast traffic is enabled, otherwise you will not be able to get an IP address or communicate with 1 brand devices such as Alexa devices.

Note: Lennar Home customer support is provided only through this community forum.

Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired

New Contributor

I have a Sonos Sub and Ruckus had known issues allowing Sub to connect to wifi.  This is a huge issue.  I do not wish to connect my Sub with hard wire to my Arc sound bar.  I need access point to allow pass of multi and broad cast.

Hi @bbsbo5 

The Access Points have already Multicast and Broadcast enabled, this is why the other Sonos device can see each other, now there is another configuration for multicast that you can run, however must be configured via CLI (command line interface), using any external application such a Putty or Mobaxterm, lo let me add the command and the steps.

1:Find the IP address of the Master Access Point, this cam be found in the APP, Unleashed Dashboard, or you can use the next guide to discover your network device's IP address.

How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications

2:Now you know the IP address, you need to gain remote access to the Master Access Point using any of the next two Application: Putty or Mobaxterm, you can follow up the next guide:

How to remotely access to 'ICX 7150-12P' or 'access points' "Network devices"

3:You maybe get s for credentials which must be the same you used in the Unleashed APP or Dashboard, if you don't know the credential test the next combination:


Username:                      Passwords:

  admin                             sp-admin








4:Now you are ready to run the commands to disabled Directed Multicast/Broadcast.

Command Explanation
no qos directed-multicast

This prevents the WLAN from converting multicast traffic to unicast

qos directed-threshold 0

This disables BOTH directed broadcast and directed multicast on the SSID.

If there is only a single client, it will receive broadcast traffic as broadcast and multicast traffic as multicast.

ruckus> en
ruckus# config
ruckus(config-wlan)# no qos directed-multicast
ruckus(config-wlan)# qos directed-threshold 0


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired