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I am an Amateur Extra Class radio operator, FCC Commercial Radio Operator licensee, and Computer Scientist (currently working on my Masters) that has been working with Linux and UNIX since 1985 (when I was in my 3rd year in college).

I am interested to take some now unsupported and decommissioned ZF7762-S units I have and load them with OpenWRT so that I can take advantage of 802.11r and place on out by my pool (outside) and one upstairs, so I can roam betwixt them. The first steps in pursuance of getting OpenWRT to function on a new device is to know where the serial console port is on the device, be able to login to it, and gain root access to it. I did open one unit and looked at it but was not sure about which pins to test and did not experiment with it much yet. I figure, why not just ask first, right?

I realize that the ZF7762-S (likely amongst other devices, none of which I have) runs Linux, woo hoo! 🙂

1) Is the serial console on a ZF7762-S using TTL levels or is it a true RS-232 serial port?

2) What pins on the motherboard of the ZF7762-S are for the serial port?

3) Does the ZF7762-S have JTAG capability?

4) Has anyone loaded OpenWRT, DD-WRT, Gargoyle, or any other open source firmware onto the device?

5) Is there any advice anyone can offer as to how to package a new firmware update in "Ruckus format" so I could switch the device over to OpenWRT?

6) Does anyone know the root password for the Linux install on the device? Granted, I know I can take the software from the website, unpack it, and stuff an /etc/passwd into the package that has a known password but why not try to avoid this? 🙂

What would be most excellent would be if Ruckus would kindly consider to release some internal technical documentation about the board (granted I have this page below to review already) and I know they might be subject to non-disclosures or whatever, but I hope this can be achieved.

Thanks in advance!

Stuart, N3GWG


Contributor II

I very much doubt you'll get any help from Commscope on this, but I can point you at a useful starting point.

Victhor Foster has details on github of how he installed OpenWrt on a Ruckus R500:


You're paying extra for Ruckus, then throwing away the added value.

Given the age and limitations of the old hardware you've got, OpenWrt would be a very poor experience even if you spent the many, many hours required to get it running on the 7762. Trying to run the 7762 as a full-featured router as well as an AP would give you disappointing throughput.

My experience has been that for a home network with WPA2 PSK, 802.11r isn't strictly necessary to get an adequate experience. I'm guessing you'd be pretty happy with two standalone APs with the same SSIDs. Heck, I'm guessing one carefully placed Ruckus AP upstairs might also give good cover for your pool too.

And if not, you can pick up a cheap ZoneDirector 1000/1100 off eBay to control the 7762s. Or give away the 7762s and buy a couple of cheap R500 APs off eBay, running Unleashed. Or if you must have open source firmware, just buy a cheap non-Ruckus AP which has good OpenWrt support.

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Hi Stuart,
Sorry we cannot provide the requested information as most is company confidential.

As said by others, I would suggest you look for a more recent AP model and run Unleashed, then you don't need a controller either, the AP handles the  controller part in it already.

Kind regards



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