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New Contributor

I am an Amateur Extra Class radio operator, FCC Commercial Radio Operator licensee, and Computer Scientist (currently working on my Masters) that has been working with Linux and UNIX since 1985 (when I was in my 3rd year in college).

I am interested to take some now unsupported and decommissioned ZF7762-S units I have and load them with OpenWRT so that I can take advantage of 802.11r and place on out by my pool (outside) and one upstairs, so I can roam betwixt them. The first steps in pursuance of getting OpenWRT to function on a new device is to know where the serial console port is on the device, be able to login to it, and gain root access to it. I did open one unit and looked at it but was not sure about which pins to test and did not experiment with it much yet. I figure, why not just ask first, right?

I realize that the ZF7762-S (likely amongst other devices, none of which I have) runs Linux, woo hoo! 🙂

1) Is the serial console on a ZF7762-S using TTL levels or is it a true RS-232 serial port?

2) What pins on the motherboard of the ZF7762-S are for the serial port?

3) Does the ZF7762-S have JTAG capability?

4) Has anyone loaded OpenWRT, DD-WRT, Gargoyle, or any other open source firmware onto the device?

5) Is there any advice anyone can offer as to how to package a new firmware update in "Ruckus format" so I could switch the device over to OpenWRT?

6) Does anyone know the root password for the Linux install on the device? Granted, I know I can take the software from the website, unpack it, and stuff an /etc/passwd into the package that has a known password but why not try to avoid this? 🙂

What would be most excellent would be if Ruckus would kindly consider to release some internal technical documentation about the board (granted I have this page below to review already) and I know they might be subject to non-disclosures or whatever, but I hope this can be achieved.

Thanks in advance!

Stuart, N3GWG