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New Lennar Home needs Ruckus Setup

New Contributor

Recently purchased new Lennar home. Had Cox come out and set up their Panoramic Wifi. I assumed they connected to the Ruckus in the panel which connects to 2 AP in the home. They did not! I discovered this when I went to look today since my internet 2.4 keeps dropping. They connected their Nokia terminal (fiber optic) to their Panoramic Gateway. 5g is great but I have many devices that require 2.4 and I need my Ruckus setup. I don't know how to connect. Do I connect it straight to the Nokia or do I connect it to their gateway? I need instructions. Please help. I attached a picture of what is inside my panel. The Ruckus is not plugged in!! It seems to have the two ethernet cable in it for the AP's however.

Image_ images_messages_61805cf4653fa416ca61d4e1_3ad88f18f8af49df7ecb6d2d70db2063_IMG_1374-dcdaffd3-15fe-4e27-8ca5-cd116a0b2f11-308030171.jpeg

Contributor III

That's gonna be a rough one, Hazel. I would hire someone to set up and configure this all for you. If this were my house, I would start from the ISP equipment then work my way back to the APs. 

Best of luck,