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Unable to see new network after R510 AP was reset and perform setup wizard through the App

New Contributor

Just moved in the Lennar Home with Ruckuss ICX7150 and R510 APs.  Unfortunately, previous owner decided not to disclose login account for the WiFi.  Hence, I was force to perform reset both APs.  After I perform hard reset on both APs, I left one of the 2 APs unplug to the network with no power.  I then proceed to perform configuration using the iOS App.  For some reason I was not able to configure the "ConfigureMexxx" network using web browser (Chrome and Microsoft Edge).  I did see the page where it tells me I need to perform "Configure Me xxx" network but upon selecting 'Connect' all it did was spawn new tab.  I then resort to the App and I was able to successfully create new WiFi network.  However I'm not able to see the newly created network.  I repeated the hard reset procedure and App configuration twice with same result.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Additional info which could be useful... I also perform hard reset on the switch.


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Jeff,

Try login into the AP using a laptop and connecting it to the same wired network as AP.

Find out the IP and then try to configure it.

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI