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Ethernet issue with some sites/apps

New Contributor II

Some websites & apps (like discord) not working through ethernet.  If I reset the Ruckus switch/WAP, the ethernet & apps work fine until it comes back from reset.  then, it doesn't work again.  Happening on multiple PC's.

Very strange issue, other sites like youtube, yahoo, google, etc work just fine.  have factory reset the Ruckus and the AT&T gateway.  Set the wireless back up and still have same issue.


New Contributor II

created ticket and problem resolved.  Power outage followed by device booting as a router instead of switch.  Tech loaded switch image and everything works fine again.

View solution in original post


New Contributor II

AT&T gateway is in front of the switch/WAP.  ethernet works fine while the Ruckus switch/WAP is rebooting/resetting.  as soon as power light stops blinking and goes solid, ethernet stops working as indicated above.  only on certain sites & apps.

New Contributor II

also, it's worked fine for 9 months since I moved it.  just started about a week ago.  have done a number of troubleshooting steps already: restarts/resets, turning off firewall & antivirus, checking that proxy is disabled, flush dns, factory reset WIN10....

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi David,

Check below things.

  1. Make sure Unleashed is running on most recent version.
  2. Confirm the AP models, if APs are 3x3 or 4x4 (R/T/H6xx or above model), make sure APs are getting constant 802.3at PoE power.
  3. When you find an AP in problematic state, try to connect and check if wireless clients connected to this AP facing the same issue or not.
  4. Try to check if DNS is getting resolved for problematic websites/apps while laptop is connected to APs eth port. Also check ping to the websites/app server along with traceroute.
  5. Connect the laptop to switch port directly and see if you can access those apps/websites.

If you cant figure out why its behaving like this, open a case with support, with the above information.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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1. Yes, Current firmware version:

2. ICX7150 switch with 1 R510 WAP.  How do I check 802.3at PoE power?

3. Wireless does not appear to have the problem, only ethernet.

4. How do I find the IP for an app that is launching (like discord) in order to ping/traceroute?

5. Trying this later this afternoon after I'm off work and kids are offline from school.  Will let you know.