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Stuck in red light, fail mode.

New Contributor

I had trouble with subjected  device about four wks ago, stuck in red light. Recommended to do ‘ factory reset’ which I did but didn’t clear. Finally I unplug Ethernet cable from the switch and that helped cleared the red to green. However it is intermittent. Every three- four days doing the same thing. I already did multiple times. I think this device is not working correctly. It has definite some bugs or component gets overheated and then locked into failed mode. 

I need you to replace with brand new one under warrant, no charge.

. This is a master device which is giving a trouble.I have two of the units in my house. One is slave and one master. 
Thank you very much.
s/n 332072012864



Hi @Indravadan 

Have you tried another Ethernet cable, if not, please test the device that is not working, please let us know the results, also confirm which version you are running?


Best regards,

Yarenis Hernández

Technical Support Engineer | L2 TAC Wired

New Contributor

Yes, both end of the cable ends terminated with new connectors when I had problem with slave unit(2nd floor) back in the April. Slave unit was replaced with brand new and it’s working good without any trouble so far.

Master unit( 1rst floor) having issue now as I mentioned in my claim.

Im not clear about version but here are some infos from the back of the unit.


S/N 332072012864

Thank you very much.


By the way this is a brand new house, everything is built in by the builder, fyi.

Hi @Indravadan 

Hope you are doing well ! 

Although it is a new device, these devices sometimes do not match the version and have this red light stuck does not mean that is broken .

We must access to the unleashed app or the unleashed dashboard and confirm the unleashed version.

You can also disconnect it from the Ethernet, leave it for 5 minutes and reconnect it.

Please follow the below guides how to fix the firmware version mismatch 

How to Fix an AP Software mismatch.

 Ruckus Unleashed upgrade

Please feel free to sent us screenshots to guide you.

Best Regards 

Fernando Vasquez