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How to Fix an AP Software mismatch.


How to Fix an AP Software mismatch.


When you add a new AP this one must match with the same code as the Master, however there is

A possibly that the code it’s no matching, so let fix the issue.


1: Open the Unleashed Web GUI by searching for the next web site in you URL bar:

Note: Take in consideration that must be connected to the Unleashed Wi-Fi signal.

2: Under the Access Points tap, you will see the AP or APs disconnected when one of the possibilities it’s the mismatch code.




3: Click in the disconnected tap and will display warning message that an upgrade is required.










4: Now let’s check what version it is running your master to ensure you will choose the same version

During the upgrade.

Tap> Access Points >working>master>Show AP info



5: Now you will have two possible options to upgrade online and Local, lets start with the online upgrade.

Tap> Access Points >disconnected>choose the AP with the pending upgrade>Upgrade>Online upgrade>scroll to the version that matches with your Master AP>Upgrade





Note: The AP will load the file and the reboots., when it comes back will be in the working Tap due that now its matching with the same code as the Master AP.


6: As alternative option will be local upgrade, this mean using a file that you previously download from the support page, so let's use that option.

A: download the file by visiting:

Tap>downloads>choose a product>R510(or the model you have>Search for the code you require, example>Download>accept the term if are required.







B: Now the file it’s in the download on your computer, so you can continue with the next step.

Tap> Access Points >disconnected>choose the AP with the pending upgrade>Upgrade>Local upgrade>browse>Choose the file you download from our support page>Now you will see the loading bar increasing>after its complete click upgrade>After list is displayed as "Success 100%" in the Upgrade Progress column, click Reboot. A "Rebuilding the Network" progress screen appears. Wait until the process completes.