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Reset 7150, lost connection with AP r510

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I factory reset my ruckus 7150. I have a sticker on it that gives from Lennar wifi name and password and admin name and password. The APs are now broadcasting I think I need to log into the AP and turn off mesh? What is the password? I tried ruckus-admin, ruckus-Lennar, the serial number,  and ruckus-<serial number>. I can't figure out the password,  is it based on the connected 7150 at all? I don't know what ruckus-<password> means when I read through this forum.


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I'm not really sure how I got it working, but I did, ha. I configured it over my laptop and the WLAN I created finally showed up, and I see both APs and both are transmitting data. Whew. Thanks for the help and quick responses!

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Status of ruckus 7150 (no internet connected yet) green light stat, green light syst, green light power, green light on port that my r510 is hardwired to

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Since I reset the switch, do I have to log into it to configure the APs or can I set up the APs from the AP connection? Ap is still broadcasting and I can't get it. But I now have internet connection working.

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And how do I figure out the ip address of the switch? Do I have to telnet in or is there a gui?

Hi @AliT 


Based on your description the appears only when a mesh configuration is present. 


To solve this issue we need to hard reset the access points to configure the network again.


Please try to reset the Access point by holding the reset button until you see the SSID.


For detailed understanding of the issue please refer to the below guide.



Also to locate the IP address of the switch please refer the following guide.


How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications:



Please let us know if you have any queries in this regard.


Best regards,


Lennar Home Community

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Hi, thanks so much for your help. Small step closer to success. OK hard reset the AP and got to configure me. FYI, when I do the IP address I see that is labeled at Ruckus Wireless and it is the MAC of my 7150. I dont actually see another Ruckuss device (shouldnt I see my AP?)

I connect to the Configure.Me-xxxx, and connect via the unleashed mobile app. I go through custom install 

Automatic DHCP Master IP Address (is this right?)

Mesh Option disabled

I set my new WLAN name, and WLAN password 

Admin username and password ( I set this to my own admin password, should this be from the default that Lennar gave me, even though I reset the 7150? )

Set the recovery question and email, and then press submit. 

I don't see the WLAN/SSID that I created. I still see not the WLAN I created. I did disable Private DNS. And now I can't connect to the Confiture.Me-xxxx that i had just used. What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to use the admin creds for the 7150?