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How to perform an Upgrade via Web GUI (ICX7150 Switch)


How to perform an Upgrade via Web GUI (ICX7150 Switch)

1: Find the IP address of your switch, you can use the next Guide as reference:


How to find my Ruckus “Devices IP address” using free applications


2: Find the IP address of your computer you can use the same guide, or you can run the command “ipconfig”


Start button>type CMD>open>type ipconfig>your IP can via Ethernet Adapter or wireless, depend on how you are connected to your home network:

Note: in my case, the IP address is



3: Download the TFTP application named TFTP 64

Link TFTP 64:



Second link TFTP-64 :

TFTP .png

4: Download the Firmware you will upgrade in my case will be 08090k


 Go to Ruckus support page to download the images


-Look for the scroll bar, (Choose Product) and select ICX7150








-choose the code and click download











-Now that you have downloaded the firmware, unzip the file and create a folder, then paste only the file: named image, in my example I will use the 08090k firmware, so look the main folder for the directory that belongs to the same Switch model you have ICX7150, there are subdirectories, look image file, and copy and paste (in the folder you have created) the following file from Image directory.

For Image: SPS08090kufi.bin

Note: you can see in my example I searched from my downloads>file 08090k (The code I downloaded and Unzip>ICX7150>now you can see the subdirectories I have mentioned, then copy the file for image to the new folder you have created, I named mine Upgrade.

Important I have the boot file as well, but I will not require upgrading the boot file, because my Image is unified, which contains all the files require to perform the upgrade.








5: Now let’s prepare your TFTP server, which is the Application we downloaded:

Start>type TFTP>Open

A: Select the path with the folder you have created named Upgrade:

Hit browse>download>Upgrade>OK

B: Select the server interfaces as the IP address found for your computer:

Scroll Server interfaces>choose the one you configured statically in your computer



Note: after configuring the TFTP server Application, this one must remain open during all process.

6: Let’s start the Upgrade:


-Like you know the IP address of the Switch, in my case my IP address is, search for that IP address in the URL bar of your Web browser:


Hit Log in:



Type the credentials if you don’t know, test the next combination

Usernames:           Passwords:

Admin                    sp-admin

Super                     Lennar












7: Now you gain access, let configure the server information in the Switch to perform the upgrade.

Click Command on the left pane and select TFTP >Configuration>TFTP Configuration >copy from server to flash>save>yes



Note: as you can see, my server IP address match with the same IP address I have configured in the TFTP application, which is at the end the IP address of my computer, and the file name is the name of the Image Which, I will use the unify image SPS08090kufi.bin

— let’s configure the image part:

Click Command on the left pane and select TFTP > Image> TFTP Image>fill the data>copy from server>save>yes



— Now let's reload the Switch to complete the upgrade.



Note: This upgrade example is for clients are running 08080 and higher, because we just upgrade the Image which is unified, so there is no need for the boot file.

SPS08090k.bin     (this is a regular image)

SPS08090kufi.bin (this is a Unity image UFI letters)

Online guide for Web GUI: