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Migrating AP from Zone Director 1200 to Ruckus Cloud not going smoothly

New Contributor

I have 20-25 APs to migrate from Zone Director 1200 to Ruckus Cloud and the migration is not going smoothly to say the least. I started by changing my AP to DHCP and assigned a static address on my DHCP server to the IP address I previously hard coded on the AP itself. This would then assign the same IP address to the AP. The was recommended from Ruckus' documentation I saw somewhere. I then set up the Venues and Wireless Networks to match what was set up on my Zone Director since I didn't see a way to migrate those networks to the cloud. After this was done I started the process of moving my APs and started with my IT area one as a test. The AP was a R510. I went to my access point in Zone Director and selected the "Join another controller" option. Then deleted the controller from Zone Director. I then went to the cloud and added that AP, selecting the Venue, AP Group, assigning name and adding the serial number of AP. The cloud started seeing the AP and everything looks like it was going to work. I then tried using the AP and noticed that my networks weren't getting DHCP addresses that the AP was broadcasting. Factory reset the AP, still the same problem. Got on the phone with support and they looked over my settings and confirmed I had everything set up correctly. (Still waiting for them to call me back on this problem.) After a few more resets I gave up and tried another AP and it seemed to work a little better but not totally working fine. Came in the next day and decided to try again. Plugged in the original R510 and noticed that all networks "magically" started working.

Now after moving on from that AP I'm seeing the same behavior on a number of other APs I'm trying to migrate. I may be having better luck with "fresh out of the box" APs but I'm not sure since I have mostly worked on migrating the old ones over.

How has everyone else's migration gone from a Zone Director to the cloud?


New Contributor

OK. I figured this out. Basically I have to make sure the old AP does not show up on my Zone Director at all. Even though I deleted the AP once it started showing up again wanting to connect to the Zone Director. Deleted it again (sometimes a 3rd time) and then with the AP added to the cloud let it finish with adding the AP to the cloud until it shows operational. Wait, you're not done. Select the AP and factory reset the AP and then let it do it's thing. Once it shows operational again you should be good to go. This will take 5-10 minutes after a factory reset.

Hope this helps someone else where support couldn't and you won't have to spend 3 days trying to figure this one out.

Internal Employee

Glad you figured it out. 

From the problem description, I understand you used JAC (Join another controller) and "Deleted" the AP. Note that if you click JAC, the AP will not be deleted from the ZD list but it will be put in the "Blocked" state. This state prevents the AP from connecting to the ZD again. Since you are deleting the AP entry completely, ZD will consider a new incoming AP request and allow it to join.  Also, add the AP into the cloud prior to JAC. 

A Factory default AP will look for a cloud registrar first. However ZD AP tries for the previously configured ZD settings. 

Hope this clarifies.