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CloudWiFi and WPA3

When will cloud controller support the WPA3 certified APs. I note that when creating a new network and wishing to use WPA, the options are WPA and WPA2 despite the fact that the newer APs all support WPA3. I have a client who is asking.

Managed Service Portal

The organization I work for supports lots of different network infrastructure.  With a steady move to cloud based solutions I wanted to know if Ruckus offer a MSP (managed service portal)?  In essence the management of multiple third party Wi-Fi netw...

Ruckus Cloud - KFM only Error

Since the weekend I have been unable to log into the Cloud dashboard only get "KFM only" displayed.I have tried using another internet connection and device (at home) and have the same outcome.I'm...

New 3rd Party Captive Portal provider on Ruckus Cloud

We have an IAM/CIAM platform to manage identities/users, including a product to customize and manage captive portals for Wi-Fi. We already integrate to Ruckus SmartZone, ZoneDirector and standalone appliances. More documentation: https://dev.socialid...