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Facebook check in (business localization)

Hello!!  My costumer has some R310 and R510, management by Ruckus Cloud, and I need config to when customers do facebook check in to use your Wi-Fi, their friends can discover your business. ps.. the support team dont asnwer my question for almost 1 ...

Generating DPSKs

We're looking to move from Unleashed to Cloud, and have found out that you can't generate unassigned DPSKs anymore.In Unleashed, we can generate a bunch of DPSKs and hand them out to devices as we need to. When the device joins, Unleashed will automa...

Other Settings for R720 in Cloud Management?

I am setting up a couple R720 APs for a client that is using them for a Listen Everywhere assisted listening system.  The AP's are setup using the Cloud Wi-Fi system.  The system is having issues with audio dropouts.  The manufacturer is helping to t...