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Zonedirector 1200 Ap registering

Hello and good day! is there anyone know the other way on how to register R510 AP to Zonedirector 1200 v10? im having troubles lately to my client. here is the scenario.  - Access point is on standalone mode. i can access via Web Gui then try the d...

M510 using WISPr SSID with LTE uplink

Hi, I have a M510 managed by SZ connected only with the LTE Uplink, it works fine using the function of NAT&DHCP in an open WLAN or with a WPA2 SSID. The problem is when I try to configure a external Captive portal using WISPr, I configure some webp...

Ruckus cloud event logs

Hi Just curious, does anyone know how long the logs stay in the ruckus cloud database? Will the logs purge after a period of time? I don`t see any information about this.

Google Chromecast devices falling off network

We have a number of Google Chromecast devices on our network. For the most part they have just worked. Lately, though, they've begun to fall off the network, and cannot then be found and/or used. Usually a power reset will get the device back on the ...

dan_cooke by New Contributor
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