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Unexpected Reboot from ICX 7650

New Contributor

We have 2 ICX 7650 switches in a stack and 1 of them rebooted. Firmware does not auto update, there were not power issues and there wasn't a command to reboot the switch. Any advise on how we can investigate this further to identify why this happened?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Angus,

You can share/check below outputs:

show version (check for the "reloaded=by")

show files /cores/ (check if any file is generated corresponding to the time of the reboot)

show log (check for any logs indicating the cause of reboot)

show stack 

NOTE: If a non-active unit crashed, you will need to rconsole (Ex. 'rconsole 2') to the unit to get show files output.


Thank for the quick response.

show version = it was reloaded by stack

show files = no files for today.

show log = nothing indicating why it rebooted, just that it did

show stack = The switch that crashed is Active and the other is standby and both are in the stack.

I did however look at the SmartZone logs, and it says:

Stack unit 1 has been deleted from the stack system

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi Angus,

As the initial logs are not indicating any issue, please open a case using and an engineer can assist with further analysis.