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hone setup recommendations

I am looking for advice on setting up an Unleashed network at home. I had been researching consumer mesh products (mainly Asus & Synology) but there are features I can't find in a single product line: PoE, decent handoff support, outdoor APs.This is ...

tonyp by New Contributor
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Resolved! Ruckus R610

Hello everybody.I reset the AP to factory settings. I cannot connect to it via WiFi at all. After connecting through the LAN, I cannot log in through, it says the wrong password. I can enter only, but I see the settings as ...

Ygo by New Contributor
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Resolved! Sz 144 not adopting AP

Hi,We have a Sz144 with firmware  version  6.1 that not showing  any  AP.Our AP's are R350 and H550.From SZ we can ping AP's so it's not  a connectivity  problem. I'm thinking that  we need  a specific  firmware version  on the AP's in order for SZ t...

R700 not opening GUI

I snagged a Ruckus R700 off eBay and tried to set it up by first resetting it, then connecting the R700 to my laptop and going to the default IP and it will not load the GUI. I tried to find the IP address it is using with ipconfig/all but it doesn't...