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GPL source code?

Ruckus appears to be using Linux 3.4.103, but neither provided me with a copy of the GPL nor source code. The following site does not appear to have been updated in *years*:http://opensource.ruckuswireless.comHow do I get source code for my Ruckus Zo...

Unstable Network Connection R600 AP

I am currently using 4 APs of R600, controlled by Zonedirector 1200 and current software version is build 216. I am facing unstable internet network connection, previously I used 10 MB internet connection and then upgrading to 20 MB but it do...

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Unable to connect to SSID of R300

I bought a Ruckus Wireless R300 from a company who upgraded their wireless infrastructrue. I'm using this AP to learn Ruckus Wireless so I can start selling Ruckus Wireless products (currently I have experience with Aruba en Cisco Meraki) Initial set...


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