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ZF7962 BL7 firmware format

HiI would like to play with my old (end-of-life) ZF7962.How do I make a BL7 flash image ? I saw that there is a specific header before the squashfs image. Is there a script to allow creating such file ?(and yes I am doing al this at my own risk and w...

Lifetime Warranty

What do we really mean by saying lifetime warranty? I suppose we mean the the lifetime period of specific product? It there a way to find out a lifecycle matrix about ruckus access points?

ZF7982 with VSZ-E and guest portal

Hi,i have problem with ZF7982 and VSZ with I can't use guest portal, after I enter password no matter proper or bad, portal is stuck ... After some time i receive message on portal "system is too busy, please try again". With R510 everyt...