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Two access point setup question

Looking for help Setting up unleashed R600 in my main floor and ZF7982 Standalone in my Basement is there any best way of accomplishing this for best experience?Will have same wifi thru the house . Any help will be appreciated.  TIA

WLAN Accesspoint DHCP over VPN

Hello,I have a main office and a branch office connected via VPN.In the main office I have a ZoneDirector 1112 with several Ruckus R500 Accesspoints in use.Now i want to install a Ruckus R500 Accesspoint in the branch office.I configured the firewall...

T300 initial login failure

I have to do the initial login to a T300 and do initial configurations. I have not been able to login to this using the PoE and trying to connect with my laptop to, in fact the computer seems to not be able to see the T300 at all, even wi...

Unleashed migrate to vSZ

I have several R510 routers running with the Unleashed software and I'm about to buy vSZ controller. Is it possible to migrate these routers to vSZ and the configuration from the Unleashed master??Configuration of the WLANs, hotspot and similar thing...