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Ruckus R610 not working with SIP

I have a Ruckus R610 with Suddenly, my VOIP provider (ONSIP) has become flakey after the above firmware upgrade. Some phones are activating and some are not.Onsip has said that it appears to be a problem with our AP.  Any idea why thi...

rate limit not working

i have a t310c, when configure rate limit at 5 mbps and runs a speedtest in a laptop or device, test shows 5.04, 5.17, 5.30 mbps, in other cases, shows 4.95, 4, 85, etc, so, my question is, why rate limit exceeds the limit configured?  i make another...

R600 AP does not update firmware after connecting to Zonedirector (and firmware not available for download either!)

Good morning.We use ZoneDirector to manage our R600 APs on campus. We have a bunch of R600s that were spare since 2017 but now we want to use them. All the live APs are firmware: and the Spare APs are firmware: When we plug ...