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Seamless roaming between AP

I have a Linksys 3200 Router with dd wrt firmware and Ruckus AP (R 600, R610, R320) unleashed VOice (unity intercom) over IP between AP Sometimes i have a connection lost on my ipods (unity intercom) Question: same SSID for 2,4 and 5 ghz? Same ...

R310 country code problem

Hi, my name's Serge and I'm new to this forum.I have a problem with an unleashed setup. I had a 3 APs setup and I bought 2 new ones. I was struggling to get the new APs to work with the existing Unleashed installation and I did several thing, the fir...

teleworker with vSZ

Hi,I need to setup small home office for a few teleworkers to connect to via Internet on IPsec tunnel to company using AP, with company EAP-TLS WLAN. Is such configurationation possible with vSZ-E ? Do i need data plane or VPN license ?Is is possible...